Andromeda has been renamed S.E.A.C.A.N.
The boat is named after my 3 kids and my friends Eric's 3 kids
Sam, Emma, Abe, Cody, Alex, and Nathaniel

The keel has been cut down 16 inches and added a bulb. This gives us 7 ft draft instead of 8+ and should not affect performance. Mars metals of Ontario was a great resource and a pleasure to deal with.

A new mast and all new rod rigging has been installed thanks to Offshore Spars.

The deck repair was a major project. 2x4s were used to force the toerail and deck back into position. Amazingly it was squashed in about an inch and a half. Kevlar strips were then tabed under the deck and to the hull. Kevlar was not easy to deal with but it sure is strong.

With that the deck crack was ground out and filled it in with epoxy. It still has to be sanded and painted. There is one other crack in the gel coat on this same side at the waterline that needs to be fixed and hopefully this won't take more than a week or two.

The old engine has been removed and a new yanmar diesel engine is being installed. We were unable to remove the old coupling to the shaft and unfortunately we had to cut the shaft but this should be an easy fix.

The sole was removed and it has been sanded it down (carefully). It is amazing how nice even that beat up sole looks after a few coats of varnish.